A.6. Browsing the Web with Konqueror

Konqueror is not only a file browser, but is also a full-featured web browser as well. To launch Konqueror choose Main Menu => Internet => Konqueror.

Figure A-11. Welcome to Konqueror

To begin your Web session, enter a URL in the Location field. For example, enter http://www.redhat.com/ into the field. If your internet connection is working properly, Konqueror displays a web page similar to the one pictured in Figure A-11.

Press [Enter] to connect to the webpage. You can navigate the webpage using your mouse and keyboard. To scroll up and down a webpage, click the the scroll bar on the right side of the browser window as you drag the mouse up and down. You can also press the arrow keys on your keyboard to move up and down the webpage.

To load any new content on the webpage, click the Refresh button on the toolbar or press [F5]. This reloads the page along with any new content.

To stop a page from loading, click the Stop button on the toolbar or press [Esc].

To move back to a previously loaded webpage or move forward to a recently loaded page, click the Back and Forward buttons or press [Alt] and the left or right arrow key to move backward or forward one webpage, respectively.

Konqueror also allows you to load multiple pages within one browser window, alleviating the need to have multiple browser windows open at the same time. Konqueror uses tabs to accomplish loading multiple pages in one window. To open a link in a new tab, right-click the link and choose Open in New Tab (or Open in Background Tab if you want to keep your current tab on top). The tabs appear with the header of the webpage displayed for easy reference. Click the tab of the webpage you want to display. To close a tab, right-click on it and choose Close Tab from the menu.

For additional information on using Konqueror, go to Help (on the top menu panel) => Konqueror Handbook.

Figure A-12. The Konqueror Handbook