Revision History
Revision 0.42005-06-01StuartEllis

Initial import into CVS.

Revision 0.52005-07-19StuartEllis

Updated for Fedora Core 4.

Revision 0.62005-07-25PaulWFrields

Edited for style and usage; BETA publication.

Revision 1.02005-08-13PaulWFrields

Publish to official project page.

Revision 1.0.12005-08-18StuartEllis

Added information on installing without repository and manually adding keys.

Revision 1.0.22005-08-26StuartEllis

Fix localinstall information.

Revision 1.0.32005-10-13PaulWFrields

Fix wording (#170584).

Revision 1.0.3a2005-11-10JohnnyHughes

CentOS Version was taken from the Fedora Yum Documentation site to freeze the version at 2.4.x. (the current CentOS version).

Revision 1.0.3b2005-11-24JohnnyHughes

Modified to be CentOS specific, added a caution box about system-config-packages on sn-software-management-tools.html, exchanged the Fedora icon files for GPL icons.

Revision 1.0.42006-03-05JohnnyHughes

Modified to add information to the yum-proxy page (sn-yum-proxy-server.html).

Revision 1.0.52006-04-06JohnnyHughes

Modified to add information concerning yum plugins (sn-yum-maintenance.html). Also adjusted this page, the TOC and the generated index.