9.2. Viewing PDF and PS files

Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides applications that allow you to view both PDF and PS files. To view PDF files, use the gpdf application. For PS files, use ggv.

Both gpdf and ggv are integrated into Nautilus. Double-clicking on a PDF or PS file while in Nautilus opens the file in the large pane of the Nautilus window. You can then scroll through and even print the files.

Both applications can be reached from a shell prompt by entering the name of the application followed by the path to the file.

gpdf /home/user/PDF/foo.pdf

The above command opens the file foo.pdf, located in user's PDF/ directory, with the gpdf application.

ggv /home/user/PS/bar.ps

The above command opens the file bar.ps, located in user's PS/ directory, with the ggv application.