8.4. OpenOffice.org Impress

OpenOffice.org Impress is a presentation application. It allows users to create what are commonly referred to as slides — text and graphics used to illustrate key points in a presentation. Impress can be used for print slides, or in conjunction with projectors to reach a large crowd. Impress has the functions you have come to expect from other presentation applications.

To start Impress, go to Applications => Office => OpenOffice.org Impress. When the application first starts, the AutoPilot guides you through the initial set up of your slide show. Make your selections and click Create. A blank slide opens and you can edit your presentation.

  1. Download or create a new template for OpenOffice.org Impress.

  2. Open the file in OpenOffice.org Impress.

  3. Go to File => Templates => Save.

  4. A window opens. Enter the name of the new template, and click the OK button.

To use a new Template:

  1. Go to File => New => Templates and Documents.

  2. A window opens with panes showing the template directories on the left and the templates inside those directories on the right. Look inside the Default folder for templates that you have saved.

  3. Press the OK button.

To Display your Presentation:

  1. Go to Slide Show. Inside this menu are various options for customizing your presentation, including the type of display, the transitions, and other effects. Browse through the various tools available from the menu.

  2. Once your transition and other selections have been made, either go to Slide Show => Slide Show or press [F9].

  3. To move through the slides of your presentation, click with the mouse or use the directional keys on your keyboard.