Chapter 12. Working with Images

Digital images are ubiquitous — they are available on the Internet, through email, and even on CD from film developers. These images are files, and can be manipulated with software available on your Red Hat Enterprise Linux system. Red Hat Enterprise Linux allows you to save, view, edit, and create image files.

12.1. Saving Images

Images that are not copyrighted can be saved directly from many web pages. Right click on an image and select either Save Image or Save Image As, depending on the browser you use to view the web pages. Some web sites have disabled this function because their images are copyrighted.

Images in email messages may also be saved on your system. These images arrive as attachments to the email message. An attachment is any extra file that is sent together with an email. Depending on the type of attachment and the email program you use, the attachment may be displayed as part of the message. Check the Help contents of the email program you use to determine how to save attachments to your computer.

Images you receive on a CD or other removable media device can be copied and pasted from that medium to a new location on your system. Refer to Chapter 13 Diskettes and CD-ROMs for more information on removable media and Nautilus.