26.10. Accessing The Server

To access your secure server, use a URL similar to the following:


Your non-secure server can be accessed using an URL similar to the following:


The standard port for secure Web communications is port 443. The standard port for non-secure Web communications is port 80. The secure server default configuration listens on both of the two standard ports. Therefore, do not need to specify the port number in a URL (the port number is assumed).

However, if you configure your server to listen on a non-standard port (for example, anything other than 80 or 443), you must specify the port number in every URL which is intended to connect to the server on the non-standard port.

For example, you may have configured your server so that you have a virtual host running non-secured on port 12331. Any URLs intended to connect to that virtual host must specify the port number in the URL. The following URL example attempts to connect to a non-secure server listening on port 12331: