34.3. Adding a Remote UNIX (LPD) Printer

To add a remote UNIX printer, such as one attached to a different Linux system on the same network, click the New button in the main Printer Configuration Tool window. The window shown in Figure 34-2 appears. Click Forward to proceed.

In the window shown in Figure 34-3, enter a unique name for the printer in the Name text field. The printer name cannot contain spaces and must begin with a letter. The printer name may contain letters, numbers, dashes (-), and underscores (_). Optionally, enter a short description for the printer, which can contain spaces.

Select Networked UNIX (LPD) from the Select a queue type menu and click Forward.

Figure 34-6. Adding a Remote LPD Printer

Text fields for the following options appear:

Click Forward to continue.

Next, select the printer type. Refer to Section 34.7 Selecting the Printer Model and Finishing for details.


The remote print server must accept print jobs from the local system.