34.6. Adding a JetDirect Printer

To add a JetDirect printer, click the New button in the main Printer Configuration Tool window. The window shown in Figure 34-1 appears. Click Forward to proceed.

In the window shown in Figure 34-3, enter a unique name for the printer in the Name text field. The printer name cannot contain spaces and must begin with a letter. The printer name may contain letters, numbers, dashes (-), and underscores (_). Optionally, enter a short description for the printer, which can contain spaces.

Select Networked JetDirect from the Select a queue type menu, and click Forward.

Figure 34-9. Adding a JetDirect Printer

Text fields for the following options appear:

Next, select the printer type. Refer to Section 34.7 Selecting the Printer Model and Finishing for details.