16.2. Removing Packages

To remove all the packages installed within a package group, uncheck the checkbox beside it. To remove individual packages, click the Details button beside the package group and uncheck the individual packages.

When you are finished selecting packages to remove, click the Update button in the main window. The application computes the amount of freed disk space as well as the software package dependencies. If other packages depend on the packages you selected to remove, they are automatically added to the list of packages to be removed. Click the Show Details button to view the list of complete packages to be removed.

Figure 16-4. Package Removal Summary

Click Continue to start the removal process. When it is finished, an Update Complete message appears.


You can combine the installation and removal of packages by selecting package groups/packages to be installed/removed and then clicking Update. The Completed System Preparation window displays the number of packages to be installed and removed.