12.2. LVM Partition Management

The following commands can be found by issuing lvm help at a command prompt.

dumpconfigDump the active configuration
formatsList the available metadata formats
helpDisplay the help commands
lvchangeChange the attributes of logical volume(s)
lvcreateCreate a logical volume
lvdisplayDisplay information about a logical volume
lvextendAdd space to a logical volume
lvmchangeDue to use of the device mapper, this command has been deprecated
lvmdiskscanList devices that may be used as physical volumes
lvmsadcCollect activity data
lvmsarCreate activity report
lvreduceReduce the size of a logical volume
lvremoveRemove logical volume(s) from the system
lvrenameRename a logical volume
lvresizeResize a logical volume
lvsDisplay information about logical volumes
lvscanList all logical volumes in all volume groups
pvchangeChange attributes of physical volume(s)
pvcreateInitialize physical volume(s) for use by LVM
pvdataDisplay the on-disk metadata for physical volume(s)
pvdisplayDisplay various attributes of physical volume(s)
pvmoveMove extents from one physical volume to another
pvremoveRemove LVM label(s) from physical volume(s)
pvresizeResize a physical volume in use by a volume group
pvsDisplay information about physical volumes
pvscanList all physical volumes
segtypesList available segment types
vgcfgbackupBackup volume group configuration
vgcfgrestoreRestore volume group configuration
vgchangeChange volume group attributes
vgckCheck the consistency of a volume group
vgconvertChange volume group metadata format
vgcreateCreate a volume group
vgdisplayDisplay volume group information
vgexportUnregister a volume group from the system
vgextendAdd physical volumes to a volume group
vgimportRegister exported volume group with system
vgmergeMerge volume groups
vgmknodesCreate the special files for volume group devices in /dev/
vgreduceRemove a physical volume from a volume group
vgremoveRemove a volume group
vgrenameRename a volume group
vgsDisplay information about volume groups
vgscanSearch for all volume groups
vgsplitMove physical volumes into a new volume group
versionDisplay software and driver version information

Table 12-2. LVM commands