5. Activate Your Subscription

Before you can access service and software maintenance information, and the support documentation included in your subscription, you must activate your subscription by registering with Red Hat. Registration includes these simple steps:

The first time you boot your installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you are prompted to register with Red Hat using the Setup Agent. If you follow the prompts during the Setup Agent, you can complete the registration steps and activate your subscription.

If you can not complete registration during the Setup Agent (which requires network access), you can alternatively complete the Red Hat registration process online at http://www.redhat.com/register/.

5.1. Provide a Red Hat Login

If you do not have an existing Red Hat login, you can create one when prompted during the Setup Agent or online at:


A Red Hat login enables your access to:

If you have forgotten your Red Hat login, you can search for your Red Hat login online at:


5.2. Provide Your Subscription Number

Your subscription number is located in the package that came with your order. If your package did not include a subscription number, your subscription was activated for you and you can skip this step.

You can provide your subscription number when prompted during the Setup Agent or by visiting http://www.redhat.com/register/.

5.3. Connect Your System

The Red Hat Network Registration Client helps you connect your system so that you can begin to get updates and perform systems management. There are three ways to connect:

  1. During the Setup Agent — Check the Send hardware information and Send system package list options when prompted.

  2. After the Setup Agent has been completed — From the Main Menu, go to System Tools, then select Red Hat Network.

  3. After the Setup Agent has been completed — Enter the following command from the command line as the root user:

    • /usr/bin/up2date --register