A.3. Upgrade Boot Loader Configuration

A software boot loader is used to start Red Hat Enterprise Linux on your x86-based system. It can also start other operating systems, such as Windows. If you are using a Red Hat Enterprise Linux software boot loader, such as GRUB, it is detected automatically.


The boot loader information presented here is not applicable for Itanium, AMD64, or EM64T systems.

On the Boot Loader Configuration Screen, your options are:

Update boot loader configuration — Choose this option to keep your current boot loader configuration (GRUB or LILO depending on what you have currently installed) and have updates applied.

Skip boot loader updating — Choose this option if you do not want to make any changes to your current boot loader configuration. If you are using a third party boot loader, you should not update your boot loader.

Create new boot loader configuration — Choose this option if you want to create a new boot loader for your system (refer to Section 4.17 x86, AMD64, and Intel® EM64T Boot Loader Configuration for more information).

Once you have made your selection, click Next to continue.