2. How to Use This Manual

This manual focuses on a CD-ROM-based installation and is ideal for users (both new and old) who want a quick and simple installation solution. It helps you prepare your system and walk you through the installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux includes multiple installation CD-ROMs. Note that only the first CD-ROM (CD #1) is bootable. The additional installation CD-ROMs are required, even for a minimal installation. Red Hat also provides supplementary CD-ROMs containing source RPMs and documentation for all the packages, as well as a Linux Applications CD (LACD).


If you currently use Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 (or greater) on an x86 system, you can perform an upgrade.

Although upgrades are supported by the Red Hat Enterprise Linux family on x86 processors, you are likely to have a more consistent experience by backing up your data and then installing this release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux over your previous Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation. This recommended reinstallation method helps to ensure the best system stability possible.

To perform an upgrade, type the following command at the boot prompt:

linux upgrade

Skim Chapter 2 Steps to Get You Started to review the basics, then read Chapter 4 Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux, following the directions as you go. Once you have chosen to perform an upgrade in the installation program, refer to Appendix A Upgrading Your Current System.

If you are an experienced user and you do not need a review of the basics, you can skip ahead to Chapter 4 Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux to begin the installation process.

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