F.4. Configuring IPL from a SCSI Device

Anaconda (the installation program) supports the direct installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux to SCSI devices. This section includes information on how to IPL from a SCSI device within z/VM.

F.4.1. IPL the SCSI Disk

To IPL the SCSI disk, we provide the WWPN and LUN to the machine loader using the SET LOADDEV command.

set loaddev portname 50050763 00c18154 lun 57190000 00000000
Ready; T=0.01/0.01 15:47:53
q loaddev
PORTNAME 50050763 00C18154    LUN  57190000 00000000    BOOTPROG 0
BR_LBA   00000000 00000000
Ready; T=0.01/0.01 15:47:56

IPL the SCSI disk using the FCP device defined to the guest.

q fcp
00: FCP  010A ON FCP   010ACHPID C1 SUBCHANNEL = 0000
Ready; T=0.01/0.01 15:51:29

i 010a
00: I 010A
00: HCPLDI2816I Acquiring the machine loader from the processor
00: HCPLDI2817I Load completed from the processor controller.
00: HCPLDI2817I Now starting machine loader version 0001.
01: HCPGSP2630I The virtual machine is placed in CP mode due to a SIGP
stop and
store status from CPU 00.
00: MLOEVL012I: Machine loader up and running (version 0.13).
00: MLOPDM003I: Machine loader finished, moving data to final storage
Linux version 2.6.7-1.451.2.3 (bhcompile@example.z900.redhat.com) (gcc
version 3.4
.1 20040702 (Red Hat Linux 3.4.1-2)) #1 SMP Wed Jul 14 17:52:22 EDT 2004
We are running under VM (64 bit mode)


The example may vary slightly from your Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 installed system due to the code available during the documentation process for this manual.