Chapter 2. Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux

This chapter explains how to perform a Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation using the graphical, mouse-based installation program. The following topics are discussed:

2.1. The Graphical Installation Program User Interface

If you have used a graphical user interface (GUI) before, you are already familiar with this process; use your mouse to navigate the screens, click buttons, or enter text fields.

You can also navigate through the installation using the keyboard. The [Tab] key allows you to move around the screen, the Up and Down arrow keys to scroll through lists, [+] and [-] keys expand and collapse lists, while [Space] and [Enter] selects or removes from selection a highlighted item. You can also use the [Alt]-[X] key command combination as a way of clicking on buttons or making other screen selections, where [X] is replaced with any underlined letter appearing within that screen.