4.11. Displaying Extended GFS Information and Statistics

4.11. Displaying Extended GFS Information and Statistics

You can use the gfs_tool command to gather a variety of details about GFS. This section describes typical use of the gfs_tool command for displaying statistics, space usage, and extended status.


Displaying Statistics

gfs_tool counters MountPoint

The counters flag displays statistics about a file system. If -c is used, the gfs_tool command continues to run, displaying statistics once per second.

Displaying Space Usage

gfs_tool df MountPoint

The df flag displays a space-usage summary of a given file system. The information is more detailed than a standard df.

Displaying Extended Status

gfs_tool stat File

The stat flag displays extended status information about a file.


Specifies the file system to which the action applies.


Specifies the file from which to get information.

The gfs_tool command provides additional action flags (options) not listed in this section. For more information about other gfs_tool flags, refer to the gfs_tool man page.


This example reports extended file system usage about file system /gfs.

gfs_tool df /gfs

This example reports extended file status about file /gfs/datafile.

gfs_tool stat /gfs/datafile

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